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Forensic and National Security Sciences research, curriculum, and outreach

Sep 28, 2012 | Article by: Judy Holmes

The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute

Graduate student working in laboratory with facullty member

Forensic research scientist Ulrich Englich works with graduate student Shania McMann on her master's thesis research project

The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences is a multidisciplinary effort to develop research-based forensic methods, tools, and protocols, and to prepare highly trained professionals to meet national security needs.

The institute's groundbreaking research program explores forensic analysis, bioterrorism, detection of chemical and bioterrorism agents, detection and prevention of threats, and national and global security.

The Institute houses the nation's first curricular program to comprehensively focus on the breadth and depth of scholarship in forensic and national security sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, while its professional outreach programs bring together the nation's most prominent forensic science researchers and practitioners.


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