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M. Cristina Marchetti Named Director of Soft and Living Matter Program

Feb 26, 2018
M. Cristina Marchetti, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor and Distinguished Professor of Physics will lead the program through a new period of research growth and educational outreach.

'A Time to Become My Own Person'

Feb 26, 2018
Emily Dyckman ’19 stepped on campus ready for the career on the stage. However, she quickly discovered her true passion in the foundational beauty of applied mathematics.

College Appoints Assistant Dean for Student Success

Feb 22, 2018
Following a national search, Tracy Tara Arwari is tasked with giving students the academic support they need to succeed in A&S. She comes to Syracuse from The George Washington University.

Voices from the Deep

Feb 22, 2018
Holly Root-Gutteridge, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Sussex (U.K.), is the author of a new study about the sound production of North Atlantic right whales. Her paper is based on work she did as a postdoc in A&S from 2014-16.

Scientists Examine Link Between Surface-Water Salinity, Climate Change in Central New York

Feb 22, 2018
A new study by Kristina Gutchess, a Ph.D. candidate in Earth sciences, considers the impact of de-icing salt on the Tioughnioga River watershed.

Biologist Studies Climate Change in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Feb 13, 2018
Jason Fridley, associate professor of biology, is measuring the impact of climate change on forest vegetation and ecosystems in the country’s most popular national park.

Oregon Chemist to Deliver Willem Prins Memorial Lecture Feb. 13

Feb 8, 2018
Geraldine Richmond, the Presidential Chair in Science and professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon, will examine the molecular interactions of oil and water interfaces.

Chemist Designs Diabetic Treatment Minus Harmful Side Effects

Feb 8, 2018
Robert Doyle, a Meredith Professor in the chemistry department, has invented a compound that triggers the secretion of insulin in the pancreas, without causing nausea, vomiting or malaise.

Scientist Awarded Grant to Study Germline Development

Feb 5, 2018
Eleanor Maine, professor of biology, is using a National Institutes of Health grant award to understand how organisms regulate germ cell proliferation and gamete formation.

Moving the Needle

Feb 2, 2018
George M. Langford, Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and A&S Dean Emeritus, is working on a cure for Type 2 diabetes.

College Unveils Academic Strategic Plan

Jan 31, 2018
A&S Dean Karin Ruhlandt praises the document as a "roadmap for the future."

Pinpointing a Perpetrator

Jan 23, 2018
Being able to narrow down biological evidence to a single cell could have wide-reaching applications for survivors of sexual assault. Researchers in the FNSSI are hoping a new tool may be the key to bringing swift justice.

Biology Department Engages in Local Outreach

Jan 19, 2018
Students, postdocs and faculty are using a grant award to promote a better understanding of evolutionary biology.

Britton Plourde Develops Tools for Quantum Computer

Jan 18, 2018
Five questions for one of Syracuse's leading proponents of quantum computing technology.

Fast Talker

Jan 10, 2018
Scott Ely, a Ph.D. candidate in physics, took top honors in the “Lightning Round” contest at the U.S. Large Hadron Collider Users Association Meeting, recently held at Fermilab near Chicago.

New York Academy of Sciences Lauds Psychology Alumnus

Jan 4, 2018
William Aue G’14, who earned a Ph.D. in psychology, has been recognized by The New York Academy of Sciences for his study of how information is updated in memory.

Chemist Named DAAD Research Ambassador

Jan 4, 2018
Ivan Korendovych, associate professor of chemistry, is a research ambassador for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The former Humboldt Research Fellow helps promote transnational cooperation and university partnerships.

Physicist Marchetti Named to Commission on Statistical Physics

Dec 19, 2017
A renown researcher in statistical physics and soft matter, distinguished professor M. Cristina Marchetti, has been elected to the Commission on Statistical Physics.

Feedback Sought on Presentations by Honors Director Finalists

Dec 12, 2017
Members of the campus community are encouraged to react to presentations by professors Chris E. Johnson and Danielle Taan Smith.

Giving Voice to Kids

Dec 5, 2017
Jonathan Preston, associate professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to examine different approaches to speech therapy for school-age children with apraxia of speech. His approach involves ultrasound imaging of the tongue.

Honors Director Search Continues with Finalist Visits

Dec 4, 2017
Finalists Chris E. Johnson and Danielle Taana Smith—professors at Syracuse and RIT, respectively—are presenting at open forums.

FNSSI, FBI Co-Sponsor Biosecurity Workshop

Dec 1, 2017
Syracuse was the site of a recent biosecurity workshop, attended by researchers and local, state and federal law enforcement and emergency officials. The event was co-sponsored by the University’s Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI) and the FBI.

Michelle Zaso Awarded Prestigious NIH Fellowship

Nov 27, 2017
Michelle Zaso, a Ph.D. candidate in psychology, is the recipient of Kirschstein National Research Service Individual Predoctoral Fellowship, which will support her dissertation research relating to teen alcohol use.

Physics Alumnus Wins Major Dissertation Award

Nov 27, 2017
The American Physical Society recognizes Nathan Jurik G'16 for his original Ph.D. work on pentaquarks.

Physics Student Reaps Success as Bioentrepreneur

Nov 21, 2017
Aaron Wolfe, a Ph.D. candidate in physics, is founder and COO of Ichor Therapeutics, a contract research firm focusing on aging and aging pathways.

Physicist Seeks Big Answers from Tiny Particles

Nov 17, 2017
A three-year $858,000 NSF grant helps fund groundbreaking particle physics research lead by associate professor of physics Mitchell Soderberg and his Syracuse team.

Exploring Evolution Acceptance for Better Science Education

Nov 13, 2017
“Asking why it is critical that students accept evolution is almost like asking why it is critical that students understand biology,” says Ryan Dunk, biology Ph.D. candidate

Beyond Anything I Had Envisioned

Nov 8, 2017
Soren Lowell, associate professor of communication and speech disorders spent several weeks volunteering in Costa Rica to help very young children gain better speech.

Meredith Symposium to Showcase Undergraduate Science Research Nov. 4

Oct 30, 2017
Robert P. Doyle, Meredith Professor of Chemistry, is the founder of a symposium highlighting scientific research by women and first-generation students.

American Physical Society to Honor Professor Lisa Manning

Oct 23, 2017
Lisa Manning, associate professor of physics, is the 2018 recipient of the Maria Goeppert Mayer Award.

Alumnus Puts Heart, Mind into Global Relief Efforts

Oct 20, 2017
In addition to being a top-rated internist, Christopher Barley ’89 is president of CITTA, a nonprofit organization, with hospitals in India, Nepal, and Mexico, that delivers free medical care to nearly half a million people.

Yale Physicist to Deliver 10th Annual Wali Lecture Oct. 26

Oct 20, 2017
Priyamvada Natarajan, professor of astronomy and physics at Yale University, will draw from her best-selling book, “Mapping the Heavens: Radical Scientific Ideas That Reveal the Cosmos” (Yale University Press, 2016).

College Announces New Department Chairs

Oct 17, 2017
New leadership bolsters the departments of Earth sciences, English, philosophy, psychology and women's & gender studies.

Physicists Usher in 'Golden' Age of Astronomy

Oct 16, 2017
Professors Peter Saulson, Duncan Brown and Stefan Ballmer have traced the origins of gold and other heavy metals to the collisions of neutron stars.

Physicists at Forefront of Multinational Experiment

Oct 16, 2017
Members of the Department of Physics are building and testing a new detector for the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment in Switzerland.

Explore how physics predicts cancer cell behavior at Orange Central lecture

Oct 4, 2017
Associate Professor M. Lisa Manning will lecture on “The Physics of Cancer” on Friday, Oct. 6, at 3 p.m as part of this weekend's Orange Central events.

Physicists Relish Role in Nobel Prize-Winning Research

Oct 2, 2017
Professors Peter Saulson, Duncan Brown and Stefan Ballmer, co-leaders of the Gravitational Wave Group in the Department of Physics, have contributed to research that won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Getting Physical

Sep 29, 2017
Over 200 educators from New York, New Jersey and New England will gather at Syracuse University on Sept. 29 and 30 for the regional meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Feedback Solicited from College Community Regarding Academic Strategic Plan

Sep 27, 2017
Members of the A&S community are invited to read the draft of the College's Academic Strategic Plan and submit their feedback.

Triple Triumph

Sep 21, 2017
A new book, co-edited by A&S professors Samuel Gorovitz and Cathryn Newton, reveals the untold stories of three women who shatter medicine's glass ceiling.

Join Us for Law Week 2017

Sep 20, 2017
Interested students and alumni are invited to attend Law Week (Sept. 25-28), a series of workshops and seminars designed to help with the law school application process.

Curious Properties

Sep 7, 2017
Members of the Department of Physics analyze flocking behavior on curved surfaces.

Excel Training and Certification Available to All Maxwell and A&S Students

Aug 31, 2017
Students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs are now eligible to earn their Microsoft Excel Certification for free.

Search Underway for Director of Renée Crown University Honors Program

Aug 30, 2017
The College of Arts and Sciences seeks expressions of interest and nominations for the next Honors director.

Fulbright Writing Workshops Offered

Aug 18, 2017
Syracuse University’s Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising will host a series of writing workshop for students planning to apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship or Research/Study Award.

All Are Invited to Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on the Quad

Aug 18, 2017
On Monday, Aug. 21, The Syracuse University community is invited to a solar eclipse viewing part hosted by the Physics Department in the Stolkin Auditorium.

Origins of Excellence

Aug 14, 2017
Kim La '20, a sophomore at Syracuse, and The Ngo, a freshman at Columbia, credit A&S Dean Karin Ruhlandt for stoking their interest in chemistry.

Families Needed for Child Behavior Study

Aug 8, 2017
SUNY Upstate Medical University seeks children ages 6-12 and their parents for a child behavior study, also involving A&S researchers.

Geologist Offers New Clues to Cause of World’s Greatest Extinction

Jul 31, 2017
James Muirhead, a research associate in the Department of Earth Sciences, believes the formation of intrusive igneous rock may have triggered a massive die-off, 252 million years ago.

Standing up for Scientists

Jul 28, 2017
George Langford, a professor and dean emeritus of A&S, has been elected a councilor for The American Society for Cell Biology.

A Decade of PRIDE

Jul 28, 2017
The Psychology Research Initiative in Diversity Enhancement (PRIDE) Program celebrates 10 years of providing unique research opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Biochemists Link Synthetic Compound to Hunger-Hormone Production

Jul 28, 2017
A team of researchers, led by Chemistry Professor James Hougland, is working with an olive-oil compound that disrupts the hunger-signaling pathway.

Syracuse Revels in Mega-Science Experiment to Study Neutrinos

Jul 21, 2017
Physics professors Mitchell Soderberg and Denver Whittington bring distinction to A&S through their involvement with the DUNE collaboration.

Alumnus Posthumously Named to National Mining Hall of Fame

Jul 13, 2017
Vincent E. McKelvey '39, director of the U.S. Geological Survey during the 1970s, will be inducted into the NMHF in September.

Zebrafish Program Goes Swimmingly

Jun 28, 2017
Zebrafish were on display at Syracuse's Westcott Community Center, as part of a biology outreach effort led by Associate Professor Katharine Lewis and Ph.D. candidate Caitlin McDonough.

Jordan Barrett: Astronaut Scholar

Jun 26, 2017
The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation has recognized Barrett '18, a dual major in physics and mathematics and a member of The Renée Crown University Honors Program.

Eying Medicine's Glass Ceiling

Jun 22, 2017
Anna Kahkoska ’13, a medical student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is drawing on her A&S training to help develop an innovative diabetes treatment.

Mathematician Awarded NSF CAREER Grant

Jun 15, 2017
William Wylie, assistant professor of mathematics, will use the prestigious award to study Riemannian geometry.

Physics Student Named Kavli Graduate Fellow

Jun 6, 2017
Suraj Shankar, a Ph.D. candidate in physics, will spend six months at the University of California, Santa Barbara, studying theoretical soft condensed matter.

Syracuse Alumnus Instrumental in LIGO's Third Detection of Gravitational Waves

Jun 1, 2017
Alex Nitz G’15, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Albert Einstein Institute in Germany, helped detect a gravitational-wave signal with software he began developing at Syracuse.

Sugarcane's Sweet Juice of Success

May 26, 2017
Heather Coleman, assistant professor of biology, is the lead author of a study about strains of sugarcane that can be genetically engineered to make more biofuels, while maintaining or increasing juice production.

Turning Beaches into Hillsides

May 26, 2017
Associate Professor Robert Moucha and Ph.D. candidate Gregory A. Ruetenik, both in the Department of Earth Sciences, use 3D modeling to understand how the East Coast evolved.

University of Naples Confers Honorary Degree on Syracuse Mathematician

May 24, 2017
Professor Tadeusz Iwaniec is the second mathematician afforded such an honor in the university's 793-year history.

Measuring the Elusive ‘Big G’

May 17, 2017
Stefan Ballmer, associate professor of physics, is part of an intercollegiate research team using a $600,000 grant award to study the "Big G" gravitational constant.

Syracuse Hosts Inaugural Zebrafish Conference

May 11, 2017
Recent event draws researchers from 15 colleges and universities in Upstate New York and Southern Canada.

Two Syracuse Students Named Goldwater Scholars

May 10, 2017
Jordan Barrett '18 and Maizy Ludden '19, members of The Renée Crown University Honors Program, have been named 2017 scholars by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.

Professors Recognized for Graduate Teaching Excellence

May 10, 2017
Professors Margaret "Peg" Hermann and Jonathan Preston are this year's recipients of the William Wasserstrom Prize for the Teaching of Graduate Students and the Prize for Excellence in Master’s Level Teaching, respectively.

Combating Graduate School Stress, One Click at a Time

May 9, 2017
Luka Negoita, a Ph.D. candidate in biology, is the founder and CEO of HabitU, a new smartphone app that helps people manage and reduce stress.

The Face of Medicine

May 8, 2017
Plastic surgeon Larry Weinstein '75 restores hope and renews lives with his annual mission trips to India.

NSF Awards Chemistry REU Program $297,000 Grant

May 3, 2017
The National Science Foundation has awarded $297,000 to the Chemistry Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program. The grant enables the program, one of the biggest of its kind in the nation, to support 11 scholars for the next three summers.

New Study Explores Link Between Fingerprinting, Snowy Conditions

May 3, 2017
Sam McCook G’15, a graduate of the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute, is the co-author of a new study about fingerprints’ ability to withstand snowy, adverse conditions.

Heart of the Matter

May 3, 2017
Gerard Martin '78 is one of the nation's foremost authorities on pediatric cardiology and congenital heart disease.

Biologists Awarded Grant to Study, Teach Mutualism Between Species

Apr 26, 2017
A team of biologists, led by Associate Professor Kari Segraves, has received a $710,000 grant award from the National Science Foundation. Using a complex community of yeast strains, they will test ideas about how natural communities function.

Genetic Engineering Expert to Give Lecture at Syracuse University

Apr 24, 2017
Pamela Ronald, distinguished plant pathology professor at the University of California, Davis, will speak about the future of genetic technology in agriculture on Wednesday, April 26, in Life Sciences Complex room 001 at 4 p.m.

SUNY Professor to Examine 'Hypnosis: Science and Nonsense' April 21

Apr 20, 2017
The Psychology Department Colloquium will present Steven Jay Lynn, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and director of The Psychological Clinic at Binghamton University, on Friday, April 21, from 2-3 p.m. in room 102 of the Whitman School of Management Building. He will discuss myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis.

Biochemistry Undergraduate Receives American Diabetes Association Award

Apr 18, 2017
Naomi Rivera Robles ’17 recently received a Minority Undergraduate Internship Award from the American Diabetes Association. The $3,000 award allows her to continue her research in the development of new diabetes treatment options.

Turning to Aquarium Fish for Human Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Apr 18, 2017
Biology Professor Katharine Lewis will use new 5-year grant to to study how spinal cord development in zebrafish may one day give insight into treatments for spinal cord injury in humans.

STEM Faculty Land Grant to Recruit, Retain Underrepresented Students

Apr 11, 2017
Four Syracuse University professors have received a three-year, $999,719 National Science Foundation grant to support recruitment and retention of underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Biology Professor Named to National Academy of Sciences Committee

Apr 7, 2017
Susan Parks will help guide the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in its efforts to manage the development of the nation’s offshore energy resources.

Five Questions for Victoria Tumanova

Apr 4, 2017
Professor Tumanova is using a grant from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation to study speech motor control in preschool-aged children.

Our Mathematical Universe

Mar 29, 2017
The Department of Mathematics is a crucible of interdisciplinary research.

Something Fishy About Genetics

Mar 22, 2017
Local high school students visit the Lewis Lab in the Department of Biology to study genetics, cell development and developmental biology in zebrafish.

Syracuse to Present Neuroscience Research Day April 7

Mar 21, 2017
Bishop Professor Sandra Hewett helps organize this annual campus-wide event, featuring related research in the fields of biology, communication sciences and disorders, psychology and public health.

Biology Department to Launch Red-Tailed Hawk Nest Cam

Mar 20, 2017
Syracuse native Anne Marie Patti Higgins ’76, G’90 donates funds for the University's first live online nest cam, in memory of her husband, Thomas L'67.

‘Like Traveling to Another Planet’

Mar 8, 2017
Professor Jeff Karson continues to rack up awards for “Discovering the Deep: A Photographic Atlas of the Seafloor and Ocean Crust” (Cambridge University Press, 2015), including the PROSE Award for Earth Science from the Association of American Publishers.

Syracuse Hosts International Masterclass on Particle Physics, March 13 and 17

Mar 1, 2017
Local high school students get to be scientists for a day at this annual daylong immersion program.

Kathleen Kenny Appointed Dean’s Executive Assistant

Feb 22, 2017
Kathleen Kenny, who has a proven track record in A&S operations and planning, is Dean Ruhlandt’s new executive assistant.

Syracuse Physicist to Discuss Black Holes April 8

Feb 20, 2017
Paul Souder, professor of physics, will present a lecture on black holes and dark matter, benefiting the Southern Cayuga Planetarium and Observatory.

Syracuse Chosen as Site of 2018 International Building Physics Conference

Feb 16, 2017
The International Building Physics Conference will be held for the first time in the United States at Syracuse, Sept. 23-26, 2018. Offered every three years, the conference brings together scientists, researchers and practitioners in the field of building physics.

Deadline for Paris Noir 2017 Extended

Feb 10, 2017
The application period for students interested in the Paris Noir program has been extended to February 20. The program explores the influence and dynamics of Black culture, literature, and experience in Paris.

How Machine Learning Is Changing Crime-Solving Tactics

Feb 8, 2017
Two researchers from the Forensics and National Security Sciences Institute have developed a new way to separate mixed DNA samples.

Physicist Awarded Prestigious NSF CAREER Grant

Feb 8, 2017
Joseph Paulsen, an assistant professor of condensed matter physics, is using the five-year award to develop various outreach opportunities, including an installation at the MOST science museum in Syracuse.

Geochemist Breathes New Life into ‘Great Oxidation Event’

Feb 8, 2017
Christopher Junium, assistant professor of Earth sciences, has detected evidence of interaction between oxygen and nitrogen in 2.3 billion-year-old rock.

Physicist to be Recognized by National Academy of Sciences

Jan 26, 2017
Professor Peter R. Saulson is a joint recipient of the 2017 NAS Award for Scientific Discovery for his role in LIGO's detection of gravitational waves.

The Science of Shipwrecks

Jan 26, 2017
A legendary Honors course, taught by Cathryn Newton, uses maritime tragedies to illuminate both science and human culture.

Stromer-Galley Secures $11.5 Million for Decision-Making Research

Jan 23, 2017
A team of researchers from Syracuse University, the University of Arizona, Colorado State University and SRC Inc. is developing a web-based application aimed at improving reasoning.

Let the Lava Flow

Jan 12, 2017
There's nothing like a fresh lava pour to warm up a cold Syracuse evening. (Video)

Biology Professor Recognized for Innovative Teaching

Jan 11, 2017
Jason Wiles, associate professor of biology, receives the Teaching Excellence Award from the Association of College & University Biology Educators.

Syracuse Professor Serving as Deputy Director of Premier Physics Institute

Jan 9, 2017
Professor Mark Bowick has been appointed deputy director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, California.

A&S Researchers Explore Link Between Tropical Glaciers, Water Supply

Jan 3, 2017
A new paper co-authored by members of the Earth sciences department draws on cutting-edge research in the Peruvian Andes.

Geologists Publish New Details about Evolution of East African Rift Valley

Dec 21, 2016
Professor Christopher Scholz and Ph.D. candidate Tannis McCartney G'17, both in the Earth sciences department, have co-authored a groundbreaking article about their work at Lake Malawi.

Physics Chair Honored for Innovation, Education, Leadership

Dec 15, 2016
A. Alan Middleton, professor and chair of physics, is a newly elected 2016 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest general scientific society.

Biologist Earns National Evolution Education Award

Dec 14, 2016
Professor Jason Wiles is this year's winner of the National Association of Biology Teachers Evolution Education Award, in recognition of his "innovative classroom teaching and community education efforts."

SUBE Harmonizes with Syracuse Chorale Dec. 10

Dec 7, 2016
The Syracuse University Brass Ensemble, based in A&S, rings in the holidays with the Syracuse Chorale on Saturday, Dec. 3, at DeWitt Community Church.

Play It Again, Sam

Dec 5, 2016
A brief Q&A with Sam Sampere, an instructional lab manager recognized by the American Association of Physics Teachers.

M. Lisa Manning Awarded Simons Investigator Grant

Dec 5, 2016
M. Lisa Manning, associate professor of physics, is using part of a five-year grant award to explore mechanical models of cancer cell dynamics.

National Awards for Students in Auditory Research Lab

Nov 28, 2016
Members of Professor Kathy Vander Werff's lab are recognized for academic excellence.

Stanford’s Carla Shatz to Deliver Kameshwar C. Wali Lecture Dec. 8

Nov 23, 2016
Shatz, professor of biology and of neurobiology at Stanford, is the recipient of the 2016 Kavli Neuroscience Prize.

Nominees Sought for Strategic Planning Working Groups

Nov 21, 2016
A&S needs your help with developing a five-year strategic plan, focusing on liberal arts excellence.

A Legacy of Caring

Nov 16, 2016
Professor Marilyn Kerr's memory lives on, thanks to a new endowed fund benefiting the Department of Biology.

Innovative Science Conference Offers 'Live' Research Lessons on New State Standards

Nov 9, 2016
Sharon Dotger, assistant professor of science teaching, helps students and teachers engage in practices aligned with the new state science standards.

A&S Student Competes in LAX European Championships

Nov 2, 2016
Benjamin Uveges, a Ph.D. student in Earth sciences, represented Hungary this past summer on lacrosse's international stage.

George Langford Inspires Greatness Through HistoryMaker Program

Nov 2, 2016
Langford, professor of biology and dean emeritus of A&S, draws on his life story to educate and enlighten high school students.

Heart of a Lion

Nov 1, 2016
Friends remember Marilyn Kerr, associate professor of biology and director of the Health Professions Advisory Program in A&S, who died last month at age 82.

'SUPrise Advise

Oct 26, 2016
A&S students can find out the status of their core requirements by visiting pop-up tables around campus.

Psychology Professors to Reduce Stimulant Misuse on College Campuses

Oct 20, 2016
Professors Kevin Antshel, Stephen Maisto and Aesoon Park have been awarded a grant from the Shire company to design a "prevention intervention" program for freshmen.

Simon Catterall Elected American Physical Society Fellow

Oct 18, 2016
Catterall receives one of physics' highest honors for his contributions to lattice field theory.

Joseph Paulsen Lab Awarded Grant from American Chemical Society

Oct 14, 2016
Assistant Professor Joseph Paulsen is using a two-year, $110,000 grant award to advance his understanding of soft-matter physics. VIDEO

Duncan Brown to be Inducted as Inaugural Brightman Endowed Professor Oct. 20

Oct 13, 2016
Brown is a world-renowned expert in gravitational-wave astronomy and astrophysics.

Chemistry department awarded over $700,000 to support graduate diversity

Oct 11, 2016
A new 3-year grant from the United States Department of Education will help Syracuse University strongly recruit women and minorities into the the field of chemistry.

Education Activist Jonathan Mooney to Deliver Milton Lecture Oct. 19

Oct 5, 2016
Mooney is the co-author of the best-selling "Learning Outside the Lines" (Touchstone, 2000), and is co-founder of the Project Eye-to-Eye.

New Stuttering Lab Builds on Rich Research Tradition

Oct 5, 2016
Victoria Tumanova, assistant professor of communications sciences and disorders, reaffirms the University's commitment to treating early childhood stuttering.

Professor Examines Link Between Sleep, Aphasia Recovery

Sep 28, 2016
Ellyn Riley, assistant professor of communications sciences and disorders, thinks improving speech-therapy outcomes "rests" in treating sleep disorders.

Mathematician Lauded for Contributions to Complex Geometry

Sep 20, 2016
Yuan Yuan, assistant professor of mathematics, has been recognized with a Simons Collaboration Grant and a speaking engagement at the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians.

Chemistry Professor Receives Five-Year NIH Award

Sep 16, 2016
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded Ivan Korendovych, assistant professor of chemistry, a Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award to study catalytic activity in neurodegenerative diseases, drug resistance and new antimicrobial therapies.

Sandra Hewett: 'Science Is Hard Work, but It’s Fun'

Sep 6, 2016
Hewett is the inaugural Beverly Petterson Bishop Professor of Neuroscience, as well as the director of the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Studies Program.

Karen Doherty Named Fellow of American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Aug 29, 2016
Doherty, professor and chair of communications sciences and disorders, will be honored at the annual ASHA Convention in Philadelphia.

Syracuse, Cal State Fullerton Awarded Grant to Enhance Diversity in Astrophysics

Aug 19, 2016
Syracuse professors Duncan Brown and Stefan Ballmer are using an NSF grant to help recruit and train students from underrepresented groups.

Researchers Awarded Grant to Develop, Implement Strategies for New Antibiotics

Aug 17, 2016
Biologist Anthony Garza and chemist Yan-Yeung Luk respond to a public health crisis by "cloning" organic compounds from unculturable bacteria.

Physicist Awarded NSF Grant to Study Collective Behavior of Active Matter

Aug 17, 2016
Distinguished Professor M. Cristina Marchetti will use mathematical modeling to understand how energy is converted into motion and function.

Earth Sciences Chair Pursues Sideline as Guitarist

Aug 16, 2016
Geochemist Donald Siegel is a "rock star" on the stage and in the classroom.

African Lake Hold Clues to Ancient Climate History

Aug 10, 2016
Christopher Scholz, professor of Earth sciences, is the co-author of a new study about climate and ecological markers found in the sediment of East Africa's Lake Malawi.

M. Cristina Marchetti Named Distinguished Professor

Aug 10, 2016
"Pioneering research" in theoretical soft matter physics lands Marchetti one the University's highest faculty honors.

Biologist Awarded NIH Grant to Study Link Between Early-Development Stress, Adult Disease

Aug 10, 2016
Assistant Professor Sarah Hall is using a microscopic worm to better understand human gene activity.

Syracuse Hosts International Workshop, Conference on Representation Theory Aug. 10-19

Aug 10, 2016
The University is the first U.S. host of the biennial Workshop and International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA), devoted to the study of abstract algebraic structures.

A Different View of Sound

Aug 8, 2016
Researchers in the Gebbie Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic use ultrasound technology to help kids with speech difficulties "see" how to form word-sounds correctly. (VIDEO)

Physicists Awarded NSF Grant to Study Cancer-Cell Behavior

Aug 3, 2016
Professors Lisa Manning, Cristina Marchetti and Jennifer Schwarz are using soft-matter physics to find a cure for cancer.

Syracuse Researchers Confirm Marine Animals Live Longer at High Latitudes

Aug 3, 2016
David Moss, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Earth Sciences, is the lead author of a groundbreaking article in "The Proceedings of the Royal Society B."

Physicist Awarded Grant to Assess Authenticity of Gravitational-Wave Signals

Jul 21, 2016
Peter Saulson, the Martin A. Pomerantz '37 Professor of Physics, is using a three-year, $750,000 NSF grant to help LIGO distinguish between actual astronomical events and instrumental artifacts.

A Trusted Advisor

Jul 19, 2016
Biology professor Kari Segraves has been named the inaugural "Mentor of the Year" by Syracuse's Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising.

Physicist Secures Grant to Study Interstellar Processes

Jul 15, 2016
Professor Gianfranco Vidali will use an NSF grant award to study molecular behavior in the densest region of interstellar space.

Scientist Awarded Grants from ALS, Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Jul 7, 2016
Carlos Castañeda, assistant professor of biology and chemistry, will use his funding to explore the role of proteins in neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases.

Physicists Discover Family of Tetraquarks

Jul 7, 2016
Professor Tomasz Skwarnicki and Ph.D. student Thomas Britton G'16 confirm the existence of an "exotic" particle, while uncovering evidence of three others.

Syracuse, SUNY-ESF Faculty Win Grant to Advance Appreciation for Onondaga Lake

Jun 23, 2016
A new collaborative project enables primary and secondary students to tackle local environmental issues, while appreciating their cultural and spiritual impact.

Biologists Use Federal Grant to Advance Epigenetics

Jun 23, 2016
The Eleanor Maine Research Lab will study the mechanisms and developmental importance of meiotic silencing.

Professors Look to Geologic Past to Predict Future Environmental Conditions

Jun 22, 2016
Members of the Department of Earth Sciences are using an NSF grant to study environmental conditions in Antarctica, tens of millions of years ago.

Enhanced Perception

Jun 17, 2016
The Center for Autism Research in Electrophysiology (CARE) Lab is researching evidence of heightened perception among children with Autism.

Summer Networking Opportunities Extended

Jun 15, 2016
A&S students can make the most of their summer break visiting with various alumni all over the country for invaluable job shadowing and coffee chats.

Syracuse University Helps Make History—Again

Jun 15, 2016
The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) confirms the detection of a second pair of colliding black holes.

Physicist Named Editor of 'High-Impact' Journal

Jun 10, 2016
M. Cristina Marchetti, the William R. Kenan Professor of Physics, has been appointed co-Lead Editor of Physical Review X.

Syracuse to Host International 'Active and Smart Matter' Conference June 20-23

Jun 10, 2016
Science and art converge at the 2016 "Active and Smart Matter" conference, featuring discussions about the future of colloidal particles and the world premiere of a chamber piece inspired by soft-matter physics.

Physicists Awarded $1.1 Million Grant

Jun 8, 2016
Funding is part of U.S. Department of Energy’s mission to advance experimental scientific discovery.

Earth Scientists Push Boundaries of 3D Modeling

Jun 8, 2016
Assistant Professor Robert Moucha uses numeric modeling to better understand how mantle convection affects the Earth's surface evolution.

Biophysics Student Earns Top Honors at Statewide Research Conference

Jun 3, 2016
Kassidy Lundy '16 won first prize at the 24th annual conference of the Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program, held on Lake George in New York.

Remember the Artist

Jun 3, 2016
Samuel Gorovitz, professor of philosophy and former dean of A&S, addresses students at Upstate Medical University's 2016 Commencement.

Forget Peacock Tails—Fruit Fly Sperm Tails Are the Most Extreme Ornaments

May 25, 2016
Scott Pitnick, the Weeden Professor of Biology, is the lead author of a Nature article about "crazy sperm forms" among fruit flies.

Syracuse Physicists Among Recipients of Breakthrough, Gruber Prizes for Detection of Gravitational Waves

May 25, 2016
Members of Syracuse's Gravitational Wave Group are being recognized for their historic contributions to physics and astronomy.

Syracuse Biologists Point to Climate Change Impacting Ecosystems

May 23, 2016
Associate Professor Jason Fridley and a team of researchers are discovering that warming global temps may be detrimental to competing vegetation.

A&S Physicists Help Restart Large Hadron Collider

May 19, 2016
Syracuse is the U.S. host university for CERN's Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment, which seeks to explain why the universe is made up of matter, instead of antimatter.

Syracuse Physicist Awarded IBM Grant to Develop Quantum Computing

May 17, 2016
Britton Plourde, associate professor of physics, is working on the world's first "logical qubit."

Congratulations, Graduates!

May 16, 2016
A&S and the Maxwell School celebrated the conferment of degrees to undergraduates in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences on Saturday, May 14, in the Carrier Dome. (VIDEO)

A&S Senior Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

May 16, 2016
Joshua Woods '16 has been awarded a three-year fellowship grant from the National Science Foundation, supporting his study of the chemical processes involved with creating advanced electronics.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Commencement

May 16, 2016
In 1969, Ph.D. student John G. Thomas couldn't wait to get his diploma. Then Uncle Sam called.

Onondaga Lake Research Leads to EPA Fellowship

May 11, 2016
José L. Marrero-Rosado '17, a dual biochemistry and anthropology major, has been awarded a two-year Greater Research Opportunities Undergraduate Fellowship from the Environmental Protection Agency.

A&S Alumna Honored by MGH Institute of Health Professions

May 11, 2016
Jessica (Dembowski) Garrity ’06, G’08, a speech-language pathologist in Boston, is recognized for excellence in clinical supervision.

Biology Graduate Student Awarded East Asian Research Fellowship

May 10, 2016
Ph.D. student Kelsey Martinez will travel to Japan to work with renowned ecophysiologist Kouki Hikosaka, involving the use of nitrogen in invasive plant management.

Syracuse Chemists Add Color to Chemical Reactions

May 9, 2016
The Maye Research Group has devised a way to monitor chemical reactions with the naked eye.

College of Arts and Sciences Appoints New Undergraduate Recruiting Director

May 4, 2016
Dennis "Denny" Nicholson will draw on 25 years of experience to elevate A&S' recruitment and enrollment goals for prospective and admitted students.

Testing the Waters

May 3, 2016
Ph.D. student Emily Baker has received a grant award from the Central New York Association of Professional Geologists to support global water-quality research.

Two A&S Professors to Receive Top Awards for Teaching excellence

Apr 28, 2016
Professors Ramesh Raina and Sascha Scott will be honored at this spring's advancement ceremonies for their outstanding work with graduate level students.

Undergraduate Receives Two Awards from American Society of Plant Biology

Apr 27, 2016
Snigdha Chatterjee ’17 is the only undergrad in the nation to receive the highly competitive travel grant, which will allow her to complete and present her plant research broadly.

Syracuse Professor to Receive SUNY Honorary Degree May 22

Apr 27, 2016
Samuel Gorovitz, professor of philosophy and former dean of A&S, will be awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree, in recognition of his contributions to medical science.

Alumni Networking over Break

Apr 26, 2016
A&S students can make the most of their summer break visiting with various alumni all over the country for invaluable job shadowing and coffee chats. (VIDEO)

A&S Sweeps Meredith Awards

Apr 21, 2016
Robert Doyle, professor of chemistry, has been appointed the 2016-19 Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence. Five other A&S professors are receiving Meredith Teaching Recognition Awards.

Syracuse Physicist Awarded Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant

Apr 13, 2016
M. Lisa Manning, associate professor of physics, is part of a $10 million multinational project, studying the nature of glass.

Famed Biologist David Sloan Wilson to Deliver Life Sciences Lecture

Apr 11, 2016
Wilson, an evolutionary biologist, will present the annual Jack and Pat Bryan Life Sciences Lecture on April 13.

New President of National Academy of Sciences to Speak on Climate Interventions April 15

Apr 8, 2016
Renowned geophysicist Marcia McNutt is delivering the annual Geoffrey O. Seltzer Lecture & Norma Slepecky Lecture.

Physicist to Receive Young Scientist Award in France

Apr 5, 2016
Associate Professor Lisa Manning will travel to Lyon, France, in July to accept the Young Scientist Award from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.

Two Ph.D. Candidates Awarded NSF Grants

Apr 1, 2016
Luka Negoita and Elise Hinman are using Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants to support their work in plant ecology.

Reduced Oxygen During Ice Age Sheds Light on ‘Missing’ Carbon Dioxide

Mar 31, 2016
Assistant Professor Zunli Lu is part of a team of Earth scientists studying how carbon dioxide changed in oceans surrounding Antarctica during the Ice Age.

Fragments of the Imagination

Mar 24, 2016
Professor Suzanne Baldwin and postdoc Jayeshkumar Das are among a group of Earth scientists looking at 4-billion-year-old lunar fragments.

Howl in the World?

Mar 24, 2016
Biology postdoc Holly Root-Gutteridge has determined that wolves, coyotes, and domestic dogs have regional dialects.

NSF Underwrites National, International Projects in Mathematics Department

Mar 22, 2016
Students and faculty in the Department of Mathematics are benefiting from three major grant awards from the National Science Foundation.

Peer to Peer

Mar 16, 2016
Members of the Department of Biology have published an article about the impact of Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) on minority students in the STEM fields.

Syracuse Physicists Achieve Success with Shape-Shifting Water Droplets

Mar 10, 2016
A team of researchers, led by Professor Mark Bowick, says such work may have important implications for soft robotics.

The Psychology of Robots

Mar 9, 2016
A new cognitive science course, taught by Michael Kalish, professor of psychology, enables students to use robots to study the foundations of information processing. (VIDEO)

Syracuse Chemist Awarded American Diabetes Association Grant

Mar 1, 2016
James Hougland, assistant professor of chemistry, is using the award to research a "biochemical avenue" that can help treat Type 2 diabetes.

Syracuse Chemists Combine Biology, Nanotechnology to Create Alternate Energy Source

Feb 29, 2016
A new article from the Maye Research Group highlights cross-cutting work in nanoscience and self-assembly.

No Place Like Home

Feb 25, 2016
Bill Lentz '16, a double major in physics and applied mathematics, considers Syracuse "home away from home," despite a daily commute to campus.

A&S Alumna to Receive FOCUS Wisdom Keeper Award

Feb 19, 2016
SUNY Upstate geriatrician Sharon Brangman '77 is lauded for being an "inspiration, role model, advocate, and teacher."

Network with A&S Alumni over Spring Break

Feb 18, 2016
A new program in Advising & Career Services enables students to interact with alumni nationwide via face-to-face, phone, or Skype.

Open to Change

Feb 16, 2016
Courtney Rosser ’16 is parlaying her Neuroscience Integrated Learning Major (ILM) into a career in healthcare communications.

Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction

Feb 11, 2016
Syracuse University is integral to the detection of gravitational waves by LIGO.

LIGO: At a Glance

Feb 11, 2016
Professors Peter Saulson, Duncan Brown, and Stefan Ballmer have contributed to the "Discovery of the Century."

Syracuse University Makes History

Feb 11, 2016
The violent collision of two black holes, more than 1.3 billion years ago, has led to a new understanding of the Universe. (VIDEO)

Syracuse Hosts ‘Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics’

Feb 10, 2016
The University was one of nine institutions to simultaneously participate in a nationwide conference, promoting the role of women in physics.

Syracuse Chemists Expose Side Effects of Antimalarial Drug

Feb 10, 2016
Professor Robert Doyle and a team of researchers are working with a special protein to ensure pharmacological safety.

Ph.D. Candidate Publishes Article on Beetle Promiscuity

Feb 2, 2016
Elizabeth Droge-Young, a Ph.D. candidate in biology, is the co-author of an article on sexual selection in "Behavioral Ecology."

Syracuse Geophysicist Questions Stability of Antarctic Ice Sheet

Jan 29, 2016
Robert Moucha, assistant professor of Earth sciences, has co-authored an article in 'Geology' about the impact of the deep Earth on ice-sheet stability.

Lewandowski Appointed Interim Chair of Psychology

Jan 26, 2016
Lawrence J. Lewandowski, professor of psychology, has been appointed interim chair of that department, taking over for Peter Vanable.

Syracuse Focuses on Women in Physics

Jan 21, 2016
More than a hundred people turned out for a conference on the role of undergraduate women in physics.

Earth Scientists Awarded Fellowship to Teach, Study in New Zealand

Jan 20, 2016
Professors Suzanne Baldwin and Paul Fitzgerald are using an Erskine Fellowship to support work at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Volunteers Needed for Child Behavior Research Study at SUNY Upstate

Jan 12, 2016
New study seeks children ages six to 12 and their parents, in hopes of changing the way mental health disorders are understood and diagnosed.

Syracuse Physicist Named Brightman Endowed Professor

Jan 8, 2016
Duncan Brown, a world-renowned gravitational physicist, is being recognized for his teaching, research, and service.

Happy Holidays from A&S

Dec 17, 2015
Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and happiness. May 2016 bring you good health, peace, and prosperity. The "Friday Five" will return on Friday, January 15.

LHCb's Pentaquark Discovery Named 'Top-10 Breakthrough' of 2015

Dec 14, 2015
Tomasz Skwarnicki and Sheldon Stone's discovery of multi-quark particles has drawn praise from Physics World magazine, while altering our understanding of the structure of matter.

The Science of Teaching, the Teaching of Science

Dec 10, 2015
Former A&S Dean George M. Langford is considering new ways to approach science education, based on his ongoing work at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Teaming up to Fight Diabetes

Dec 10, 2015
Robert Doyle, professor of chemistry, is working with a biotech company to develop better drugs for people with diabetes.

Syracuse Professor Throws Cold Water on Fracking Debate

Dec 8, 2015
Donald Siegel, chair of Earth sciences, is the author of two articles disproving the connection between fracking and water contamination.

African Lake Provides Insight into Ancient Lake Levels, Biodiversity

Dec 7, 2015
A research team, led by Professor Christopher Scholz, is drilling deep into an African lake to learn more about its million-year-old past.

Innovations in Window Efficiencies

Nov 23, 2015
Physicist Eric Schiff is using his role in the federal government to fund research that improves the energy efficiency of single-pane windows.

Invitation to Dance

Nov 18, 2015
The College of Arts and Sciences commemorates the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act with a screening of the award-winning documentary "Invitation to Dance."

Syracuse Chemists Turn Bacterial Molecules into Potential Drug Molecules

Nov 10, 2015
Yan-Yeung Luk's Research Group hopes to create therapeutic agents from synthetic molecules, which mimic and dominate ones made from bacteria.

Syracuse Physicists Aid in Study of Elusive Neutrinos

Nov 2, 2015
Professor Mitchell Soderberg leads a team of researchers involved with the ‘MicroBooNE’ experiment at Fermilab.

A Natural Curiosity

Oct 30, 2015
Biology Professor Scott Pitnick demystifies science for students.

Syracuse Psychologist Recognized for Cutting-Edge Work on Memory

Oct 26, 2015
Amy Criss, associate professor of psychology, has received an Early Career Impact Award from the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences and the Psychological & Brain Sciences Outstanding Young Alumni Award from her alma mater, Indiana University.

Memory Is All in the Wrinkles. Or Is It?

Oct 26, 2015
Paul Gold, professor of biology at Syracuse University, and Huaiyu Hu, associate professor of neuroscience and physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University, are studying the effect of neuron connections on mental abilities.

STEMming the Gap at Syracuse

Oct 23, 2015
You are invited to attend a panel discussion on STEM education on Friday, Oct. 23, at 2 p.m. in the Life Sciences Complex auditorium. The event is free and open to the public, and is part of the University's Orange Central homecoming celebration. (VIDEO)

Plants Cope with Climate Change at Genetic Level

Oct 14, 2015
Jason Fridley, associate professor of biology, is the co-author of an article in "Global Change Biology" about how some species respond to climate change better than others.

Deans’ Panel to Address STEM Preparation at Syracuse Oct. 23

Oct 14, 2015
Part of the 2015 Orange Central homecoming celebration, the event will take place on Friday, Oct. 23, at 2 p.m. in the Life Sciences Complex auditorium.

Earth Sciences Department to Host 120 Area High School Students

Oct 8, 2015
The Department of Earth Sciences in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences will play host to nearly 120 Liverpool High School 9th grade students interested in pursuing higher education in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields on Friday, Oct. 16.

Advising & Career Services Announces 2015-16 'Career Conversations' Lineup

Oct 7, 2015
Resume building, cover-letter writing, and interviewing techniques are some of the topics being covered in this new, five-part series, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 13. The series is open to students of all majors.

Central New York Hosts Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Structural Biology Symposia Oct. 19-20

Oct 2, 2015
Syracuse University, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and SUNY-ESF team up for keynote addresses, student and faculty presentations, and poster sessions.

FNSSI Awarded $155,000 Grant from National Institute of Justice

Oct 1, 2015
The Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute has been awarded a $155,000 National Institute of Justice grant to investigate the use of an applied dielectrophoretic force-field to support DNA forensics techniques.

Syracuse Physicist Scores Back-to-Back Articles in Top Journals

Oct 1, 2015
Professor Lisa Manning breaks new ground in the study of cell motion in biological tissues.

Syracuse Student Nabs Minority Leadership Award

Sep 29, 2015
Melisa Abernathy, an M.S. student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, has received the Minority Student Leadership Program Award from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

An Interview with Milton Lecturer William Deresiewicz

Sep 28, 2015
William Deresiewicz, best-selling author and this fall's Milton Lecturer in A&S, discusses the value of a liberal arts education. (VIDEO)

Physics of Wrapping Miniature Droplets Takes Cue from Street Foods

Sep 28, 2015
Joseph Paulsen, assistant professor of physics, is the co-author of a recent article in "Nature Materials," exploring how wrapped objects behave at a microscopic scale.

Prospective Law Students Invited to Participate in 'Law Week 2015'

Sep 23, 2015
The College of Arts and Sciences will host "Law Week 2015," a five-day initiative designed to prepare Syracuse undergraduates for admission to law school.

Syracuse Hosts EMPOWER Advisory Committee

Sep 21, 2015
Committee members will participate in a variety of roundtable conversations, where they will discuss how EMPOWER can help graduate students succeed in STEM. They also will be involved with a graduate student-led panel discussion on career pathways in science and engineering.

Syracuse Advances Search for Gravitational Waves

Sep 17, 2015
Physicists participate in the first observational run of the new Advanced LIGO Detector, after a five-year rebuild.

A Hunger for Knowledge

Sep 17, 2015
James Hougland, assistant professor of chemistry, is using a major grant extension to continue his study of a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Nebraska-Lincoln Chemist to Deliver Prins Lecture Sept. 22

Sep 15, 2015
Joseph S. Francisco, the Elmer H. and Ruby M. Cordes Chair in Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will deliver the Willem Prins Memorial Lecture at Syracuse.

Interested in The Renée Crown University Honors Program?

Sep 9, 2015
High-achieving students are invited to apply for spring admission into Syracuse's prestigious Honors Program. (VIDEO)

Mathematicians Sweep NSF Grant Awards

Sep 4, 2015
Professors Shen, Lanzani, and Leuschke pull in more than half a million dollars in research support.

Syracuse Chemists Awarded Grants for Interdisciplinary Research

Sep 4, 2015
Professors Yan-Yeung Luk and John Chisholm are using NSF and NIH grants, respectively, to push the boundaries of organic chemistry.

Syracuse Scientist Receives CAREER Award to Study 'Ice Chemistry'

Sep 4, 2015
Chemist Tara Kahan will use the prestigious grant to examine the effects of "dirty" ice on human health.

Syracuse Physicist Lands NIH Grant Award to Study Tissue, Organ Formation

Sep 1, 2015
M. Lisa Manning receives $1.02 million from the National Institutes of Health to investigate forces in organ development.

Syracuse to Acquire Cutting-Edge DNA Sequencer

Aug 31, 2015
Researchers in the Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute are using a major grant award to acquire a powerful, new instrument for forensic genomic analysis.

Syracuse Physicists Excel at Gordon Research Conference in New Hampshire

Aug 25, 2015
Professors Mark Bowick, Lisa Manning, Cristina Marchetti, and Joseph Paulsen recently shone at the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Gordon Research Conference, a prestigious international event that provides a forum for discussion about cutting-edge, unpublished research.

In the Driver’s Seat

Aug 25, 2015
The College of Arts and Sciences has launched a new and improved Office of Advising & Career Services. Our 20-plus-member team is uniquely qualified to help you in a variety of areas, including career exploration, major and minor degree completion, and pre-law and pre-health advising. To find out how we can help you, visit

Syracuse Physicists Use Grant Award to Facilitate Teacher Training

Aug 20, 2015
Two physicists in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences have received a grant award, designed to strengthen the teaching of high school physics throughout the region.

A Celebration of Science

Aug 13, 2015
More than 80 students presented results of their summer research projects at the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program's annual poster session.

Psychologist Awarded $2.1 Million NIH Grant

Jul 30, 2015
Stephen Maisto, professor of psychology, is using a five-year, $2.1 million grant to study risky behavior among HIV-negative men.

A Precarious Balance

Jul 17, 2015
Biologist Jason Fridley works with scientists all over the globe to improve biodiversity management.

Syracuse Physicists Awarded $3 Million Grant to Build Particle Detector

Jul 15, 2015
Members of the Department of Physics are constructing an upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Girls Just Want to Do Science!

Jul 14, 2015
About a dozen young girls spent the day interacting with real scientists at SU during a special summer STEM camp. (VIDEO)

‘New York Times’ Best-Selling Author to Deliver Fall Milton Lecture

Jul 14, 2015
William Deresiewicz, a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning essayist, and critic, will deliver this fall’s Milton First-Year Lecture on Monday, Sept. 21, at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.) in Schine Student Center’s Goldstein Auditorium

Syracuse Physicists Confirm Existence of Rare ‘Pentaquarks’

Jul 14, 2015
Professors Sheldon Stone and Tomasz Skwarnicki are part of a team of researchers who have discovered hadrons with four quarks and one anti-quark, known as "pentaquarks."

All Systems Go

Jul 8, 2015
Samantha Usman '16, a double major in mathematics and physics, is recognized by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation for her out-of-this-world research.

Showing their PRIDE

Jul 6, 2015
Highlights from this year's PRIDE program during which Psychology undergraduates develop and present an original independent summer research project (VIDEO)

Summer Science

Jun 17, 2015
The psychology department is in the midst of another successful Psychology Research Initiative for Diversity Enhancement (PRIDE) program.

Syracuse Physicist Awarded Grant to Study Physical Cell Biology

Jun 16, 2015
M. Lisa Manning, associate professor of physics, has received $168,750 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement to explore untested ideas in physical cell biology.

Syracuse Physicist Awarded Grant for Quantum Computing Efforts

Jun 11, 2015
Britton Plourde is using an Army Research Office grant award to push the boundaries of quantum computing.

University Mourns Loss of Distinguished Archeologist

Jun 3, 2015
Theresa Howard Carter ’50 took the first photographs of what is believed to be King Midas’ Tomb in Turkey.

Syracuse Biologist Awarded Two-Year NSF Grant Award

Jun 1, 2015
Jannice Friedman, assistant professor of biology, is the recipient of a two-year, $150,000 National Science Foundation grant award. She will use the award to study sexual selection in plants.

Ph.D. Student Awarded Grant to Help People in Pain Quit Smoking

May 29, 2015
Emily Zale, a student in the Department of Psychology, is using a grant award to develop an intervention for smokers with chronic pain.

Syracuse’s Gebbie Clinic to Host Summer Literacy Camp July 20-24

May 28, 2015
The Gebbie Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences will host the Phonological Awareness Camp for Kids (P.A.C.K) July 20-24. The five day program is designed to help children learn important literacy skills.

Simons Foundation Funds Physics, Mathematics Researchers

May 27, 2015
Four professors have received major grant awards from the Simons Foundation, a global organization advancing research in basic science and mathematics.

University Integral to Advanced LIGO Success

May 27, 2015
The Department of Physics has been leading the search for gravitational waves for more than 25 years.

Syracuse Physicists Aid in Discovery of Subatomic Process

May 13, 2015
Sheldon Stone and colleagues have found "overwhelming evidence" of an extremely rare particle known as a Bs meson.

Syracuse Biologist Lands Three-Year NIH Grant Award

May 11, 2015
Melissa Pepling, associate professor of biology, has received a major grant award from the National Institutes of Health for her ongoing work in ovarian biology.

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Convocation 2015

May 9, 2015
Dean Karin Ruhlandt imparts words of encouragement to the College of Arts and Sciences' Class of 2015

Syracuse Geologist Jeff Karson Publishes Book on Oceanic Abyss

May 7, 2015
Jeff Karson, professor of Earth sciences, is the author of a much-anticipated book on the geology and biology of the oceanic abyss.

Syracuse to Host Training Workshop for DNA Mixture Analysis Software May 11-14

May 7, 2015
STRmix workshop reaffirms FNSSI as a national leader in forensics research.

Syracuse Senior Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Apr 28, 2015
Kristopher Murray ‘15, a biochemistry major, is using the prestigious fellowship to study bacterial cellulose synthase genes in poplar trees.

Syracuse Geologists Rack up Honors, Awards

Apr 28, 2015
Professors Ivany, Baldwin, and Samson are being recognized for leadership and service to the profession.

Chemistry Major to Receive Slepecky Research Prize April 24

Apr 21, 2015
Kewei Xu ’15, a senior majoring in chemistry, will be awarded the Norma Slepecky Undergraduate Research Prize on Friday, April 24, at 3:30 p.m. in the Heroy auditorium. The award recognizes an outstanding female undergraduate in the STEM disciplines.

A Better Pill to Swallow

Apr 20, 2015
Robert Doyle, professor of chemistry, discusses his latest research, involving a new method of delivering medications to the body by way of vitamin B12. (VIDEO)

Syracuse to Host ‘Current Trends and New Horizons in Forensic and National Security Sciences: Opportunities and Challenges’

Apr 14, 2015
Leaders in forensic and national security sciences will converge on campus for a series of discussions. Republican John Katko will deliver the keynote address on Monday, April 27, at 11 a.m. in 220 Eggers Hall.

Syracuse Receives $3 Million Grant for Graduate-Level STEM Training

Apr 13, 2015
Interdisciplinary project focuses on water-energy research

Syracuse, SUNY-ESF Host Science Exploration Day for Regional Youth

Apr 8, 2015
STEM Day on the Hill attracts more than a hundred middle and high school students.

Syracuse to Host Regional Earth Sciences Symposium April 11

Apr 7, 2015
UT Dallas geoscientist John W. Geissman will deliver keynote address.

Discovering New Connections

Apr 7, 2015
The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program's first annual research day and poster session was a major success. (VIDEO)

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