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Syracuse Physicists Confirm Existence of Rare ‘Pentaquarks’

Professors Sheldon Stone and Tomasz Skwarnicki are part of a team of researchers who have discovered hadrons with four quarks and one anti-quark, known as "pentaquarks."

Syracuse Philosophers Celebrate 10th Anniversary of SPAWN Series July 29-31

Organizer Robert Van Gulick says it will be like a reunion, but with a new group of young scholars 'added in.'

A Precarious Balance

Biologist Jason Fridley works with scientists all over the globe to improve biodiversity management.

Syracuse Launches Fellowship Program with Florida Grand Opera

One Janklow Program student will be selected for a two-year fellowship, involving coursework at the University and a paid internship at FGO.

Girls Just Want to Do Science!

About a dozen young girls spent the day interacting with real scientists at SU during a special summer STEM camp. (VIDEO)

All Systems Go

Samantha Usman '16, a double major in mathematics and physics, is recognized by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation for her out-of-this-world research.

Atlanta Program Helps Students 'Discover' Heart of the South

More than a dozen A&S students recently traveled to Atlanta for a four-day immersion program, designed to cultivate professional opportunities. (VIDEO)