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In the News

Science magazine

Sep 5, 2014
featured a cover story on artificial cells by a team of physicists, including Syracuse's Mark Bowick and Cristina Marchetti. The story has been picked up by media outlets all over the world.

"Bridge Street" (News Channel 9)

Sep 4, 2014
interviewed the Humanities Center's Mi Ditmar about the 2014 Syracuse Symposium, whose theme is "Perspective."


Aug 26, 2014
spoke with Rebecca Moore Howard, a national authority on intellectual property and plagiarism, about Turnitin.com, a company that provides anti-plagiarism software.

The Los Angeles Review of Books

Aug 25, 2014
interviewed Minnie Bruce Pratt, professor of writing and rhetoric and of women's and gender studies, about the reissue of her classic book "Crime Against Nature" (A Midsummer Night's Press and Sinister Wisdom, 2013).

Time Warner Cable News

Aug 11, 2014
talked to Samuel Gorovitz, professor of philosophy, about the medical ethics of using experimental drugs to treat Ebola.

National Geographic Daily News

Aug 9, 2014
interviewed Susan Parks, assistant professor of biology, about the impact of shipping traffic on whales.

570 News Radio

Aug 8, 2014
spoke with Samuel Gorovitz, professor of philosophy, about the ethical implications of treating Ebola.

Many Interests

Sheila Shahidzadeh, a master’s student in biology, with an interest in cell signaling was one of 12 people invited to travel to Paris, France, to participate in a workshop on surgical techniques.

Legendary Editor

Harry Rosenfeld ‘52, former editor at The Washington Post and the New York Herald Tribune, will discuss his new book on Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 4 p.m. in the I3 Center (Room 432/434) of Newhouse 3. 

Promising Poet

Wendy Chen, a University Fellow in Syracuse’s M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing, is the winner of the Academy of American Poets' inaugural Aliki Perroti and Seth Frank Most Promising Young Poet Award

High Achiever

Tesia Kim ’13 teaches Principles of Biomedical Science through the Teach for America Corps at the Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois.