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Mexican Immigration Scholar Gilberto Cárdenas to Visit Syracuse Dec. 1

Cárdenas has spent more than 40 years exploring the tension between Latino art and politics.

Stanford’s Carla Shatz to Deliver Kameshwar C. Wali Lecture Dec. 8

Shatz, professor of biology and of neurobiology at Stanford, is the recipient of the 2016 Kavli Neuroscience Prize.

A Moral Obligation

Ahmed Abdel Meguid, assistant professor of religion, reflects on being caught in the middle of the recent failed Turkish coup.

Music Historian Part of International Shakespeare Project

Amanda Eubanks Winkler, associate professor of music history and cultures, is using a major grant to study Restoration Shakespeare adaptations.

Two Minutes with Jaklin Kornfilt

A Q&A with the director of the Linguistic Studies and Computational Linguistics programs.

A Blueprint for Lithuanian Arts

Irena Alperyte, a Fulbright scholar from Lithuania, is studying arts and community engagement in the Janklow Arts Leadership Program.

National Awards for Students in Auditory Research Lab

Members of Professor Kathy Vander Werff's lab are recognized for academic excellence.