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Forget peacock tails, fruit fly sperm tails are the most extreme ornaments

Professor Scott Pitnick's groundbreaking research into evolving sperm tail lengths in fruit flies is the subject of newly published paper in the prestigious science journal, Nature.

Syracuse Physicists Among Recipients of Breakthrough, Gruber Prizes for Detection of Gravitational Waves

Members of Syracuse's Gravitational Wave Group are being recognized for their historic contributions to physics and astronomy.

Syracuse Chemists Add Color to Chemical Reactions

The Maye Research Group has devised a way to monitor chemical reactions with the naked eye.

Syracuse Physicist Awarded IBM Grant to Develop Quantum Computing

Britton Plourde, associate professor of physics, is working on the world's first "logical qubit."

Biology Graduate Student Awarded East Asian Research Fellowship

Ph.D. student Kelsey Martinez will travel to Japan to work with renowned ecophysiologist Kouki Hikosaka, involving the use of nitrogen in invasive plant management.

A&S Physicists Help Restart Large Hadron Collider

Syracuse is the U.S. host university for CERN's Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment, which seeks to explain why the universe is made up of matter, instead of antimatter.

Orange Spirit and Cutting-Edge Research

Jessica Toothaker '17, a 2016 Goldwater Scholar, will spend the summer in Bar Harbor, Maine, participating in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program.