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Invitation to Dance

The College of Arts and Sciences commemorates the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act with a screening of the award-winning documentary "Invitation to Dance."

Living in the Material World

Jennifer Schwarz, assistant professor of physics, is using a $315,000 NSF grant award to study the physical properties of biological entities.

La Casita, Smithsonian Team up for ‘Latinos and Baseball’ Initiative

The Smithsonian Institution has selected La Casita Cultural Center to participate in a national community collecting initiative, focusing on the social and cultural impact of baseball.

Syracuse Physicists Aid in Study of Elusive Neutrinos

Professor Mitchell Soderberg leads a team of researchers involved with the ‘MicroBooNE’ experiment at Fermilab.

Syracuse Psychologist Recognized for Cutting-Edge Work on Memory

Amy Criss, associate professor of psychology, has received an Early Career Impact Award from the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences and the Psychological & Brain Sciences Outstanding Young Alumni Award from her alma mater, Indiana University.

Pitch Perfect

Skylar Thomas ’15, an economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences, finds success in professional soccer.

Minerals from Papua New Guinea Hold Secret for Recycling of Noble Gases Between Deep Earth and Atmosphere

Scientists find atmospheric gases trapped in minerals that are crystallized in the Earth's mantle.